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            2021-12-26 11:57:34| 来源:陕西中公教育

            Part B

            48. Directions:

            Write an essay based on the chart below. In your writing, you should

            1) interpret the chart, and

            2) give your comments.

            You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET. (15 points)

            2022考研英语二试题 考研英语作文试题解析


            图表类型 动态图
            图表内容 (1)整体变化:2018-2020年我国总体和农村的快递业务量都发生了变化。


            There is no denying that the chart shows the changes in the business volume of express delivery in China from 2018 to 2020. During these years, the business volumes of overall express delivery and rural express delivery have gone through some changes. Especially, the volume of overall express delivery has experienced the greatest change, jumping from 51 billion to 83 billion during this time. Obviously, the tendency should be given more consideration.

            Many factors contribute to the tendency reflected in this chart, but in my view, the following two may take the lead. For one thing, with the development of China’s economy, especially that of the e-commerce industry, online shopping has become one of the most important daily activities of Chinese residents. For another, the increasing investment by sellers on fast delivery of goods is the key factor driving the growth of the express delivery market.

            According to the analysis above, it is obvious that the tendency reflected by the chart will continue for some time in the future. It is high time for us to raise our awareness in this aspect.







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